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EZ PayStub Generator is an affordable pc based application that allows individuals and business owners the opportunity to create paystubs from within the program. EZ PayStub Generator comes with two paystub templates. The software interface is very straightforward and very easy to use. Purchasers of EZ PayStub Generator will receive free future updates of the software.

The software also allows you to add your logo to the payslip and company details. The program just requires the user to fill in the fields in the software. Once the data is added to the fields, all you need to do is simple press the generate paystub button and you are done. Their are other more expensive programs out their that don't measure up to EZ PayStub Generator and cost a whole lot more.
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EZ PayStub Generator Features:
Easy Navigation Interface
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Stable MS Access Database
Ability to Add Logo to PayStub
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EZ PayStub Generator Total Edition 1.0

Total Edition generates paystubs and does a little more than the standard

The new EZ PayStub Generator Total Edition is a step up from the standard edition of EZ PayStub Generator. The total edition comes with the same features as the standard edition. The total edition will calculate your YTD Net Pay, Taxes, Deductions and more. The total edition allows you to list what the deductions are (ex. Child support, payroll loan etc). In addition, since most EZ PayStub Generator users will have important employee information stored in the database we decided to add a login screen to the software to prevent prying eyes and maintain privacy.

Total edition also allows you to add multiple companies to the database instead of typing over old company data. This is a great feature since many individuals have multiple businesses. Download the 3 day demo and take EZ PayStub Total Edition for a spin.
EZ PayStub Total Edition Features:
ONLY $14.95
Same Features as Standard Version
Login Screen for Privacy
Calculates Net Pay, Taxes etc.
Add Multiple Companies
Easy to Use
Immediate Download After Payment
Free Email Support
Purchase for only $14.95
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Basics of Bookkeeping and Best Practices for Small Business Accounting

by: Barbara Warda
Business owners, whether they do their own small business accounting or use outsourced bookkeeping, should have a basic understanding of bookkeeping basics. To state it in very simple terms, bookkeeping is the recording of your company's income (receipts) and expenses (payments) into a set of account books.

What is a double entry system?

Double entry is to enter transactions twice into your bookkeeping system. All this data is entered as a Debit or as a Credit. For example, if you make a $20 cash sale, you would debit that cash (or bank account) and credit the sales account with the $20. So when you prepare your trial balance in your small business accounting system, your cash account balance would have a debit balance of $20 and your sales account balance would have a credit balance of $20, meaning your trial balance ledger balances. A double entry system is a system of checks and balances.

Do I debit or credit?

All you have to remember is that the "D" in debit also stands for the "D" in deposits. So when you receive that payment of $20 for a cash sale, you would of course deposit it or debit the bank account in your small business accounting system. And since it is a sale, you would credit the sales account.

How does this apply to a cash purchase?

When you purchase or spend money on something, the value coming in would be the item itself, since cash is going out. You would, therefore, debit (deposit) the item's account and credit (take away from) the cash account. So, the basic bookkeeping rule is that any "value" coming in is to be debited and the corresponding account is to be credited.

What is a trial balance?

A trial balance is a list of all the balances from your small business accounting ledgers, which are the debit and credit balances. The debits and credits in the trial balance must equal each other. Any differences in these balances means that your double entry bookkeeping is incorrect and has to be corrected before the other final accounts can be prepared.
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